We at Stu’s Flooring in Greenfield, WI are here to provide any kind of flooring services that your home might require. Time and again many of our clients have asked us some very important questions. You can find a list of some of them in below. If there is anything else that you would want to know beyond these FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I choose the right floor for my space?
There are several things to consider when choosing what type of flooring is best for you. How much traffic does the room get? What types of activities are being done there? How many people live in the home? Are there pets?
There are a lot of floors to choose from and our salespeople would love to work with you to find the right floor for you. Come in to our showrooms to see your options.
Can I purchase just the flooring and do the installation myself?
Stu’s is happy to work with do-it-yourselfers. We carry all the materials you need to complete your project.
Do you sell and install window treatments?
Yes. Our Waukesha location has all our window treatment displays. Contact us if you’d like to schedule a Shop At Home appointment.
Do you offer financing?
Stu’s offers 6 month interest free financing. See your salesperson for any other special offers.
What does your “Lifetime Installation Warranty” mean?
Stu’s guarantees your satisfaction with the installation for as long as the flooring is installed in your home. If you have a problem with the install, we’ll come out and fix it for no charge.
Do you refinish hardwood floors?
To provide our customers with the best service and the best results, Stu’s partners with another local company to do our hardwood refinishing. Contact us today for a price!
I moved my rug and the hardwood floor underneath is lighter than the rest of the room. What happened?
Hardwood floors change color due to exposure to ultraviolet light (sunlight). The floor underneath the rug hasn’t been exposed to sunlight so it hasn’t changed like the rest of the room. If you leave the rug off the floor the color will even out over time.
Do you use your own installers?
Most of our installers are employed directly by Stu’s Flooring. For residential installations, all of our installers, either work directly for Stu’s Flooring or are subcontractors who only work for us.
Do you recommend any carpet cleaning companies?
We recommend two cleaning companies:
J & S Carpet Cleaning (262-547-6633)
BlueGreen (414-944-0839)
We use both companies to clean our showrooms as well as our own homes and we have always been satisfied with the level of service they provide.
If you need service after a fire or water damage occurs, we recommend Advanta Clean (414-312-5999).
Do you offer in home services?
Yes, we offer ‘Shop at Home’ appointments where we bring the samples to you!
Do you offer Free Estimates?
Yes, we provide free carpeting and flooring estimates.
Do you offer commercial products and services?
Are you looking for the premier flooring stores in Wisconsin? Call us today for high quality home flooring services today. We also offer window treatment services to our clients.

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Are you looking for the premier flooring stores in Wisconsin? Call us today for high quality home flooring services today or have any questions beyond these FAQs. We also offer window treatment services to our clients.